Thompsons Solicitors has secured substantial compensation for the family of a Lancashire man who died from asbestos disease.

Norman Rees died in 2013 from mesothelioma, an incurable cancer of the lungs.

Norman was exposed to asbestos for more than two decades between 1963 and 1985 working as a maintenance joiner at a transport depot in Blackpool.

During this time he was never provided with any protection from asbestos and his employer failed to warn him about its dangers.

Throughout his life Norman had been fit but in 2011 tests revealed asbestos scarring on his lungs. He was diagnosed a year later with the asbestos-related terminal cancer, mesothelioma.

Following his diagnosis, Norman contacted industrial disease and mesothelioma claims specialists Thompsons Solicitors who obtained a detailed history of his exposure to asbestos and made a successful claim against his former employer.

Norman’s son, David, said: “Compensation doesn’t change the fact that my father died from a disease caused by going out to work so he could earn a living and provide for us. However, thanks to Thompsons my mother now has financial security and some peace of mind.

“Thompsons were fantastic throughout this offering an excellent legal service and solid support to our family.”

Steven Dickens, of Thompsons Solicitors, said: “The terrible legacy of asbestos disease in the UK is set to continue for decades. Norman, like so many other workers, should never have been exposed to asbestos and certainly not without his employer warning of the dangers or providing proper protection.

“Working alongside asbestos victim support groups and trade unions we will continue to use our unrivalled experience in asbestos disease claims to hold negligent employers and their insurers to account.”