Lawyers acting for the family of a former fitter’s mate at Stanton and Staveley in Ilkeston are trying to trace his former co-workers following his tragic death from the asbestos cancer mesothelioma on 7th February 2005.

Mr John Cox, who lived at 55 Bannerman Road, Bulwell, Notts, was 73 years old when he died. He worked at Stanton and Staveley near Ilkeston Derbyshire from 1960 until 1969. He then left the industry. His son, Mr David Cox, said: “My father would have been responsible for maintaining the boilers and cooling systems. This would have exposed him to asbestos dust. Sadly he lost touch with his work colleagues. It would be very helpful if anyone who knows exactly what his job entailed to come forward and assist us.

“We are now fighting to secure justice on my father’s behalf. I cannot believe that Stanton and Staveley had such a poor view of health and safety that they continued to expose my father to asbestos when they either knew of the risks or ought to have known of the risks that were involved.”

Representing the family of Mr Cox, Linda Millband of Thompsons Solicitors in Nottingham, said: “Mesothelioma is a terrible illness, and one which is wreaking havoc on the lives of innocent families. We need the help of local people to secure justice for John Cox.

“If anyone worked with John Cox or can recall working on the same type of job, we need their help to assess how much asbestos he was exposed to. Any assistance that can be given to us in the case will be greatly appreciated. The case has been issued in the High Court and further witness evidence is required within the next few weeks.”

Please contact Linda Millband on 0115 9897256 if you can help.