A plumber is calling for his former colleagues to contact him after he was diagnosed with an asbestos related disease.

Terence O’Dowd, 60, from Leeds was diagnosed with debilitating condition asbestosis.

Asbestosis normally affects people who have been exposed to a lot of asbestos over a long period of time. It also greatly increases the risk of lung cancer and the fatal asbestos tumour, mesothelioma.

Exposed to asbestos as a plumber and heating engineer

Terence was exposed to asbestos when working as a plumber and heating engineer for Northern Heating Company, Chas Thompson and Miller Heating Installations, all based in Leeds.

He worked for Miller Heating Installations, on Summer Street, Leeds from 1967 until 1968. He helped strip out and replace heating systems in schools, hospitals and industrial units.

He later worked at Northern Heating Company based at Hyde Park, Leeds from 1967/1968 and 1968/1969 to 1969/1970 where he worked at the bus depots in York and Wakefield. From 1970/1971 to 1972/1973 and 1974/1975 to 1976/1977 he worked at Chas Thompsons based in Cross Green.

Following his diagnosis Terence contacted Thompsons Solicitors to seek advice about claiming compensation.

Did you work at Miller Heating Installations, Northern Heating Company or Chas Thompsons?

Thompsons would like to hear from anyone who remembers working with Terence at Miller Heating Installations, Northern Heating Company or Chas Thompsons. They are particularly interested in speaking to anyone with knowledge of the working environment.

Terence said: “Asbestosis has had a real impact on my life. I can no longer work because I am so breathless and I find it difficult to walk.

“When I worked with asbestos I received no training, information or warnings about the dangers of asbestos dust. I had no idea it could lead to my ill health now.”

Marion Voss of Thompsons Solicitors, added: “It is important for us to build up a picture of Mr O’Dowd’s working environment and we would urge anyone who knew him when he was working as a plumber to come forward with information about the conditions he worked in.”

Anyone who has any information should contact Marion Voss on 08000 224 224.