A retired joiner has described how he feels angry at his former employers after he was diagnosed with lung condition asbestosis.

The 73-year-old, who does not wish to be named, from South Gloucestershire, has recently been awarded £18,800 in provisional damages after he was diagnosed with the asbestos-related condition in 2004.

He was exposed to asbestos while working as a joiner for George Wimpey from 1962 to 1964.

He worked as a carpenter for Rolls Royce, Patchway, Filton where he was exposed to asbestos while building partitions in the aircraft manufacturer’s offices.

He worked for Rolls Royce for 20 years starting in the 1960s.

Thompsons Solicitors helped him claim compensation

The granddad-of-four hired Thompsons Solicitors to claim compensation for his condition, after it left him breathless and struggling to carry out some everyday tasks.

Asbestosis normally affects people who have been exposed to a lot of asbestos over a long period of time. Having the condition puts the sufferer at a much greater risk of developing lung cancer as well as respiratory problems.

In this case the compensation secured is provisional, allowing the client to claim further damages if he goes on to develop lethal cancer of the lining of the lung mesothelioma or other asbestos-related conditions.

He said: “I feel angry at being exposed to asbestos. We did not know we were being exposed to it while on the job. It was not until I was diagnosed with asbestosis that I realised it was a problem.

“Now, I get out of breath easily and it gets worse during the bad weather. The doctor has said that I could go on to develop lung cancer but I would like to live a few more years yet. I have four grandchildren and I would like to be with them a bit longer.

“I am pleased that Thompsons Solicitors has helped me win this compensation but it does not bring back my health. I am suffering and my former employers are now repaying me for that suffering.”

Client representative at Thompsons Bristol office, Stephen Loach said: “We are pleased to have secured provisional damages for our client who was exposed to asbestos while employed as a joiner.

“Asbestosis is a crippling respiratory disease, often developed following exposure in the workplace. We are pleased to have been able to provide a sense of justice to this client.”