The family of a former Turner and Newall (T&N) employee has received compensation of over £28,000 after their sister died from lung condition asbestosis.

The 83-year-old from Cheshire developed the disease after working at T&N’s Widnes factory for 40 years.

T&N owned several factories across the North West where employees worked in appalling conditions. They were not given any protection from the vast quantities of asbestos processed and were not warned of the dangers it could pose to their health.

The pensioner, who had two sisters and a brother, was responsible for cleaning machines at the Widnes factory.

She was forced to take early retirement at 57 due to a worsening skin condition, which her doctor said was caused by working with asbestos on a daily basis.

Asbestosis is a debilitating Lung Disease

But when she died February 2006 she was unaware she was suffering from asbestosis, a debilitating lung disease, also caused by exposure to asbestos.

It was only discovered during an inquest following her death, which ruled she had died from pneumonia and asbestosis.

Her sister said: “When we were told she died from asbestosis it was a big shock to the family. We had no idea and my sister had no idea. It is sad that she did not know as this compensation would have helped her have a better standard of life.”

The family were advised by the Cheshire Asbestos Victims Support Group to claim compensation for their sisters’ death and they contacted Thompsons Solicitors who pursued their claim.

All compensation claims against T&N were frozen in 2001 after its parent company Federal Mogul went into administration in the UK.

Claims were suspended while administrators reached agreement over T&N’s liabilities. Claims are now paid by a Trust set up by the administrators after the High Court approved a deal which allowed claimants to receive a share of their entitled awards.

Many of those exposed to asbestos have gone on to develop asbestos related illnesses

Brian Dellaway from Cheshire Asbestos Victims Support Group said: “T&N employed many local people at their factories in Widnes. Some of these workers have, and continue to develop asbestos related illness as a result of being exposed to asbestos. Unfortunately, since 2001, claims against the company have been held in limbo awaiting a resolution to the problems encountered when Federal Mogul went into administration.

“I am very pleased that Thompsons have been able to obtain some justice for the family of Mrs Walters. Now the scheme is up and running we hope that all claims against T&N, now and in the future, will be dealt with swiftly.”

Client representative at Thompsons Solicitors Jennifer McDermott said: “We are pleased we have been able to settle this claim on behalf of the deceased family. It is important that other victims of asbestos related disease caused by exposure from companies within the Turner & Newall group should be aware that they may be entitled to compensation. Claims can be made to the Trust on behalf of living and deceased victims of asbestos related disease.”