Thompsons' Southampton office won a six-figure sum for Cheryl Marsh from Brighton after she was exposed to asbestos by Islington Borough Council.

Cheryl, 49, was exposed as a teenager while playing in the boiler rooms in the basement of her parent's council flat in the Brecknock Estate, Islington.

She was also exposed to asbestos later when employed by Islington Borough Council Social Services Department where she worked on a motorcycle scheme.


Cheryl was diagnosed from asbestos-related lung disease, mesothelioma, in 2004.

There is no cure for mesothelioma, a fatal illness often associated with former shipyard and factory workers.

Cheryl, who is a police community support officer for Sussex Police said: "I want to make more people aware of this disease. It's not just old men who get mesothelioma. Young men and women who have never worked in industry can also contract it too, with the same devastating effects."

Specialist Asbestos Solicitors

Thompsons Solicitors who specialise in asbestos cases dealt with Cheryl's claim for compensation.

John Hall, Cheryl’s Solicitor, said: "Many people mistakenly believe mesothelioma is a disease which only affects elderly men who previously worked in engineering or construction.

"However we are now seeing an increasing number of tragic cases where asbestos has devastated the lives of very young people, like Cheryl.

"Cheryl is an inspirational woman who continues to fight the disease while continuing to work in a challenging role as a police officer. She has to be admired for her courage. Her case was not straightforward but we were determined to win her battle to obtain compensation."