Colin Potter worked for various companies throughout Merseyside and died from mesothelioma, a fatal asbestos-related cancer which affects the lining of the lungs. Colin left behind four daughters, and his wife, Ann Potter, who is currently pursuing his case.

The family believe that Colin was exposed to asbestos at work which led him to contract mesothelioma.

Colin’s widow, Ann, has instructed Thompsons Solicitors, a leading industrial disease specialist, to investigate the claim. She is calling on anyone who worked with her husband or were employed by the same companies between 1963 and 2002, to contact Thompsons with any information about the working conditions there.

Joanne Candlish, the solicitor from Thompsons representing the family, said: “It is crucial that Mr Potter’s former workmates come forward with information to assist the family in piecing together an accurate history of Colin’s working environment and how he came to be exposed to asbestos.”

Anybody who has any information about the conditions at any of Colin’s places of work, from 1963 to 2002, please contact Joanne Candlish at Thompsons Solicitors’ Liverpool office on 0151 224 1644.