In this week’s case, our client managed to win compensation from his former employer after he was diagnosed with pleural thickening – a disease developed after asbestos exposure - despite initially there being no witnesses and no one to make a claim against. 

The client believed that he had been exposed to asbestos during his employment at a ceramics plant in the 1980s. Unfortunately, the company that operated the plant where he worked had since gone bust. 

Through an appeal for witnesses in local newspapers we were able to find people who had also worked at the plant and who could confirm that there was asbestos in the roof. We also traced the insurers of the former owners of the plant, enabling us to bring a claim on behalf of our client.

The insurers denied those that they insured were at fault and their legal team refused to even acknowledge our correspondence.

"We won’t give up seeking to track down those responsible for the asbestos exposure that too many have suffered. They must be held accountable."

Lisa Gormley Senior asbestos solicitors

Thankfully, mere days before the trial, the insurers were forced to agree to a financial settlement for our client, which will help towards care they may require in the years to come.

Commenting after the case, Thompsons Solicitors’ Lisa Gormley said:  “No one should be afraid of contracting a disease every time they go to work. Unfortunately, until the outlawing of asbestos in 1999, this was the reality for many.

“This particular case was made more difficult due to the insurer’s refusal to engage at all even though eventually they had to admit their insured were liable for the exposure. We won’t give up seeking to track down those responsible for asbestos exposure that too many have suffered, they must be held accountable.”