A Durham family’s long and distressing wait for a decision on whether the driver of an HGV which hit and killed their son is to be prosecuted is continuing on the second anniversary of his death.

John and Janet Thompson pay tribute this week to their son Jake, who was 27 years old and working at a school for students referred from mainstream education in Bristol when he was hit by the vehicle and suffered severe head injuries on the A37 on 20 May 2011. Jake died in hospital on 25 May 2011.

His family have spent the two years since his death challenging a ruling laid down by the original inquiry of ‘accidental death’. The campaign gained momentum earlier this year when Avon & Somerset Police announced it would reopen the investigation into Jake’s death.

The family are awaiting news from the Crown Prosecution Service

The police reinvestigation has now drawn to a close and the family are awaiting news from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) as to whether it will be bringing any prosecution arising from the incident.

Speaking in advance of the two year anniversary Jake’s father, John Thompson, said: “Our family has seen in two Christmases, two rounds of birthdays and countless other milestones with an empty chair at the table.

“We are heartbroken to find ourselves facing the second anniversary of Jake’s death with so many unanswered questions.

“Over the last two years, we’ve been at a loss to understand why the driver has not been brought before the courts.

“We’re pleased that Avon & Somerset Police have completed its reinvestigation into Jake’s case and submitted the file to the CPS. We’re now pinning our hopes on getting the answers we have fought so hard for second time around.”

Thompsons Solicitors have represented the family throughout

David Robinson from Thompsons Solicitors, who has represented the family throughout, said: “We anticipate that the CPS will contact the family with a response within the next four to six weeks, once they have had chance to properly review the police file.

“Two years is an agonisingly long wait for those who knew and loved Jake but we are all committed to honouring the memory of this wonderful young man by seeing this case through to its rightful conclusion.”

The Thompson family will join a number of Jake’s closest friends on 25 May 2013 at a wedding that has been dedicated to celebrating his life; Jake would have been best man. They will later pay tribute to their son privately at a memorial in Newcastle.