Genuinely injured people will be put off bringing legitimate claims - workers will be priced out of justice

Stephen Cavalier Chief executive at Thompsons Solicitors

In response to the decision that the report stage and third reading of the government’s Civil Liability Bill will take place on Tuesday 23rd October in the House of Commons, campaigning law firm Thompsons Solicitors’ chief executive Stephen Cavalier said:

“The Civil Liability Bill and the associated changes to the small claims limit are deliberate, cynical attacks on access to justice by the government. Like the introduction of fees in employment tribunals it places barriers in the way of working people claiming what is rightfully theirs - in this case damages for workplace injuries.

“This would affect up to 350,000 people a year and put power even more firmly in the hands of employers and their insurers. The proposals need to be stopped now. 

“We stand with trade unions and working people to demand MPs support #justiceforinjuredworkers by backing amendments which would ensure that it is limited to fraud in whiplash cases – which has always been the government’s stated target.

“If this package of changes makes it through Parliament, workers will find themselves having to take on their own legal cases at their own expense. 

“These are seismic changes affecting huge numbers of people (including children and those with mental capacity issues) and it’s completely unacceptable for the government to try to push through the most damaging parts of their changes hidden away in a statutory instrument removing any real chance for MPs to scrutinise them through open debate. 

“The government concede that genuinely injured people will be put off bringing legitimate claims - workers will be priced out of justice. 

“We urge MPs of all parties, to consider the impact these proposals will have on the fundamental rights of their constituents, who would no longer be able to hold to account those responsible for them coming to harm while at work or on the roads.”

Thompsons Solicitors is campaigning for #JusticeForInjuredWorkers. Email your MP to ask them to oppose the Civil Liability Bill.