A sponsored walk for RoadPeace North East is taking place in the memory of Liam Hibbins, a 26 year old landscape gardener from Skelton, who tragically died after being struck by a car on the Coast Road, Redcar, in the early hours of 8 October 2017.

The walk is the first event taking place, with a wider “Light Up for Liam” campaign due to launch soon aimed at making pedestrians who walk at night more visible by providing a wrist band which glows.

Photo of Liam Hibbins, who passed away after being struck by a car.
Liam Hibbins, 26, who passed away after being struck by a car. The walk will be held in his memory.

The walk is being organised by two of Liam’s close friends, Kieron Scott and Michael Scott, and will take place at 9.00am on Saturday 14 April 2018 starting from Birkbrow Car Park and ending at the Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge. All are welcome to join the walk irrespective of whether they knew Liam or not.

Liam’s mum, Alison, said: “Liam was such a loving and devoted son and fiancé, and he is loved and missed every single day. He brought light to the lives of so many people. I never thought I would lose him.”

David Robinson, Chairman of RoadPeace North East and serious injury expert at Thompsons Solicitors, who is supporting the family, said: “Alison, Liam’s fiancée Beth and all of Liam’s family and friends are trying to come to terms with the suddenness of his death. This walk is an opportunity to celebrate Liam’s life”.

Liam’s death is still under investigation by the Senior Coroner for Teesside, Clare Bailey. However, his death is not the first fatal collision on the Coast Road, with Kirsty Fennon having being killed by a speeding taxi driver in 2012. Lighting columns had also been installed in the road in 2008 amid safety concerns but were soon removed following residents’ complaints at their appearance.