The 55 year old man was preparing a chemical mixture used to coat the blades in aircraft engines when the highly combustible mixture exploded.

After a substantial period off work and four operations the employee has now recovered and is working for Chromalloy in a different capacity as his injuries mean he is unable to carry on with his previous job.

Clear breach of health and safety regulations

Thompsons established that Chromalloy had breached various health and safety regulations and the company has since installed new machinery which protect employees from the chemicals.

The injured man said: “I am pleased with the compensation negotiated by Thompsons Solicitors. I lost a huge amount in wages whilst I was off work and it also recognises the sheer trauma of the accident. Credit to Chromalloy, whilst their insurers argued about the level of compensation with my lawyer at Thompsons, they got on with taking steps to ensure that what I went through won’t happen again.”

Regulations vital in protecting workers from injury

Allison Fitchett of Thompsons Solicitors said: “This was a classic failure to properly assess risk and shows that so called ‘red tape’ is vital or there are serious accidents.

“The injury has had dramatic long term consequences for our client and initially Chromalloy’s insurers refused to recognise that in their offers. We stuck to our guns and negotiated the payment up.”