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How we use cookies

We use a third party analytics tool called Google Analytics to collect and report on the data from these cookies. Google Analytics allows us to see how our visitors are interacting with our website. We are able to assess the number of visitors coming to our website, how they arrived at our website, what pages they navigated to and how long they spent on the various pages. Please visit the Google Privacy Policy for more information:

We use the Facebook Pixel cookie to help us personalise adverts to specific audiences, advertise to people who have already visited our website and also to help us to evaluate our campaigns by understanding how users who have clicked on our Facebook adverts behaved on our website. A list of the type of data Facebook collects is listed below:

  • IP addresses
  • Information about the web browser
  • Information about the ‘document’
  • Information about the ‘referrer’
  • Information about the person using the website
  • Facebook Cookie / Pixel ID
  • Button click data
  • Conversion tracking
  • Form field names


To control how Facebook adverts are targeted to you, visit:

To view Facebook’s privacy policy visit:

If you choose to disable all or any cookies it will not affect your ability to visit Thompsons website or use our services but it may mean that you do not get the best out of the website.

To view a list of all the cookies we use on our website, view our Privacy / Cookie Policy page. 

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