What is an Accident at Work?

Many UK employers recognise that good health and safety is good for business and will take steps to ensure proper processes and safe workplaces protect their workers from injury.

However, there are still exceptions and some employers continue to breach established health and safety procedures, putting their workforce at risk.

Thompsons played a leading role in helping to establish the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and continues to campaign for safer working environments to the present day.

We have decades of experience of bringing accident at work cases against employers who fail to set in place proper protections for workers. We will bring the wealth of that experience to the table when representing you, in order to secure the maximum amount of personal injury compensation.

Our specialist accident at work solicitors have dealt with workplace injury claims ranging from lacerations, burns, and soft tissue damage through to more serious cases such as brain and spinal injury claims, as well as fatalities.

We secured compensation for Robert after he suffered a permanent shoulder injury in an accident at work, which forced him into early retirement.