Needlestick Injury claims

A needlestick injury, sometimes referred to as a sharps injury, is a term used to describe an accident where a person's skin is punctured by a hypodermic needle or sharp medical device such as a scalpel.

Healthcare workers, cleaners, police and prison officers and those dealing with waste disposal are typically at a high risk of suffering a sharps injury, however exposure can also happen in public places such as rest rooms and parks. Most needlestick injuries occur when needles are improperly or carelessly disposed of, instead of being placed in sealed biohazard bins.

We understand that the impact of a needlestick injury is not limited to the initial bleeding, swelling and tenderness to the area of skin which is punctured. Our solicitors combine empathy with expertise to ensure the psychological distress which often accompanies a sharps injury is factored into the case for compensation.

We also signpost clients who are diagnosed with blood-borne viruses or infections post-injury to sources of further support, advice and treatment.

“I cannot recommend Thompsons highly enough – they really know what they are doing and were there for me whenever I needed them.”

Joe, our needlestick injury client