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Holiday Injury Claims in England & Wales (EU Nationals)

If you suffered from an injury whilst on holiday or travelling through England or Wales, our expert personal injury solicitors can help review your circumstances and discuss making a compensation claim for your injuries.

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Holiday Injury Claims in England & Wales (EU Nationals)

If you suffered from an injury whilst on holiday or travelling through England or Wales, our expert personal injury solicitors can help review your circumstances and discuss making a compensation claim for your injuries. 

If you are based in Europe, you do not have to instruct a lawyer in your home country to start an injury claim. With our specialist personal injury team, you can directly instruct our experts in England and Wales to handle your claim. 


Holiday Compensation Claims For EU Nationals  

If you are based in Europe, you do not have to return to the UK to meet up with a lawyer to make a claim. Instead, we can take your instructions over the phone or online. You also do not need to have a lawyer from your own country instruct our team on your behalf. 

We are legal experts in personal injury and holiday injury claims. Instructing us directly means we can speed up the claim process and we will do our best to negotiate a compensation settlement so you do not have to return to the UK for a court hearing.



Types of Holiday Injury Claims 

We can help you with all types of holiday claims including: 

  • Road traffic collisions – for example, if you were a pedestrian, passenger, or suffered from an injury whilst cycling, scooting or horse riding. 
  • Personal injury claims – including if your holiday accommodation was not fit for purpose resulting in an injury. For example, if you fell and broke your hip because the stair railings were loose, you and your family had severe food poisoning, or if you suffered an electric shock because of inadequate and unsafe wiring.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning claims - if the boiler or gas appliances in your holiday letting were either not fitted properly or had not been serviced in accordance with the relevant regulations for your type of holiday accommodation. 
  • Trips, slips and fall claims – this type of claim could either be made against your holiday provider, a public authority, a restaurant or retailer who had not sorted out dangerous or uneven paving 
  • Medical negligence claims if you had hospital treatment whilst in England and Wales and your treatment fell below a reasonable standard, resulting in your health being affected by the medical negligence.  
  • Public accident claims - where you were injured in an avoidable accident in a public place.   
  • Serious injury claims - ranging from brain or spinal injuries to amputation claims, or if you suffered severe burn injuries 
  • Fatal accidents - where an incident has resulted in the death of a family member. 

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Are you, or is a member of your family, a current or retired member of a trade union?

Time limits apply to bringing personal injury claims, to find out more read our guide here

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Whatever the nature of your injury, our experts will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. 

We understand that you’ll want to focus on your recovery first and wherever possible, we’ll provide you with guidance and resources to help you on your journey.  In some cases, we may even be able to secure money to assist in paying for appropriate therapy to aid your recovery or equipment to make your life easier. 

Legal 500 2024 rated personal injury lawyers  

Solicitors in England and Wales are ranked in a publication called The Legal 500. This directory provides a guide to some of the best UK law firms. Thompsons are ranked in the 2024 Legal 500 Guide for their expert personal injury work. 

Our Holiday Claim Solicitors 

We understand how difficult it is to make the first step in contacting a lawyer to discuss a claim. You can contact us online or  Call us on 0800 0 224 224 


Anyone can claim compensation in England and Wales if they sustained an injury, the incident was not their fault and someone else was to blame. You can also make a fatal accident claim if a loved one passes away. 

In most compensation claims the person defending the compensation claim has insurance. The insurer will pay the compensation on behalf of the defendant. Most claims are settled without you having to go to court.  

For more information about making a claim, contact our experts. 

People often assume that no one will be liable to pay them damages, but if someone was wholly or partially responsible for your injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Our holiday injury solicitors will investigate your claim to help prove the defendant is liable to pay you damages.  

We have specialist teams in all areas of personal injury law. Our expert holiday claim solicitors understand all the health and safety rules and regulations in their specialist areas and know how the laws and regulations may affect your claim. For example, the regulations on carbon monoxide poisoning and the need for carbon monoxide poisoning testing and working alarms. 

For more information about making a claim, contact our experts. 

Anyone can bring a claim for an injury that occurred whilst they were on holiday in England or Wales. It does not matter that you are not a British citizen or that you do not live in the UK. 

If you live in Europe, you can contact us to start a claim on your behalf. You do not need to instruct a personal injury lawyer in your home country, as the English court has the jurisdiction to decide on your claim. We will always try and negotiate a settlement directly with the defendant or their insurer in the first instance. 

There is generally a three-year time limit from the date an injury is sustained or your date of knowledge of the injury, in which you must begin your claim.  

Our solicitors can discuss compensation time limits and how they apply to your situation, but it is best to speak to us as soon as you realise that you have a possible claim. 

You may be used to a system in which the injured person needs to pay for the costs of securing legal representation whether the claim is successful or not.  In fact, this may put some people off making a claim in the first instance. 

In England & Wales, it is typically the case that the costs involved in pursuing a claim can be deferred until the end of the case.   

In a large number of cases, we may be able to offer a `no win, no fee agreement’, meaning that you would not be charged for your legal representation if your claim is not successful.    

As such, there is no harm in making an enquiry and you have nothing to lose.    

Why choose Thompsons to make a personal injury claim?

At Thompsons, we are specialist personal injury solicitors who act on behalf of holiday injury claimants. We do not represent holiday companies, caravan parks, hoteliers or their insurers. All our experience and expertise is in helping claimants fight for the compensation they deserve. 

Our legal expertise is recognised in leading legal directories. We are known for being solicitors who will fight your corner, to get you the holiday injury compensation you deserve.  

We settle most claims by expert negotiation, so you get your damages without having to go to court. In complicated cases, we will try to secure an interim compensation payment to help you with any expenses incurred or to help pay for things you need. 

To find out more about what sets Thompsons apart from other personal injury solicitors, please have a read through the Thompsons Pledge. 

To make a holiday injury claim, contact our personal injury solicitors.