Asbestos Support Central England (ASCE) operates across the whole of the West Midlands region, supporting anyone affected by an asbestos-related disease. The charitable organisation also serves areas in central England that border the West Midlands and are without their own local asbestos support group.

ASCE is part of the wider national Asbestos Support Groups Forum UK, which works to provide one voice for asbestos victims nationwide. It is also a proud member of the national Helplines Partnership – the country’s network of free, independent helplines.

ASCE campaigns for the strictest possible enforcement of regulations and legislation to protect current workers and communities.

Thompsons has been involved with ASCE since its inception. We are always on hand to share our years of experience in dealing with local asbestos-related disease cases. We have extensive knowledge of regional industries, workplaces and insurers to support the ASCE and those considering making a claim for compensation.

Visit the ASCE website here.

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