Case Management Following a Serious Injury

Case management is a process which aims to help individuals, as far as possible, regain independence and improve their quality of life through co ordination of services, rehabilitation, and care and support of clients who may have complex needs.

Case management is about assessing the client’s needs and identifying relevant and cost effective resources which can be made available to them in order to maximise the benefits to the client and family. This assessment process is important as it helps to develop an appreciation of the clients’ difficulties and how these impact on their lives and those around them.

A plan for the client is completed and implemented to create a bespoke care /  rehabilitation package. This plan is developed in association with all parties, including any therapists who are involved in working with the client and their family. The plan is reviewed and monitored and changes are made as necessary when required. This ensures that the appropriate services are accessed and that continuity and consistency of support are developed and maintained.

The task of assessing, planning, implementing the care and coordinating any rehabilitation package and input for the client, should be undertaken by a Case Manager who usually has a background in health or social care. The role of the Case Manager also involves the building of a therapeutic relationship with the client and their family and offering support and advice during challenging times. Case Managers are often used as a sounding board of knowledge and expertise for clients allowing clients to make informed decisions, be heard during the rehabilitation and litigation process and have an advocate when required. Each client is an individual with their own needs and expectations and the role of the Case Manager is adaptive and flexible to meet these needs.

Your Solicitor should be able to assist you with finding an appropriately qualified and experienced Case Manager but to find out who are the specialist Brain Injury Case Managers in your area look on the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers website,

Clare Dowling
Senior Case Manager
JS Parker