About Motorcycle Accidents

Some motorcycle riders have loved motorcycles since they were children and could not imagine any other way of travelling around.  Others use motorcycles for convenience as they are the fastest way of getting around roads congested with traffic.  Motorcyclists also feel that riding their motorcycle is more exciting and exhilarating than driving a car so motorcycles and mopeds are becoming more and more popular.

As mentioned above, there are many positive points to being a motorcycle rider; however, there are many negative points too.  Motorcycles represent approximately only 1% of the traffic on our roads in the UK but they account for 18% of all deaths and serious injuries.  Motorcyclists are 40 times more likely to be killed in an accident than a car driver.

How do motorcycle accidents happen?

A collision between a motorcyclist and a car is how a motorcycle accident often happens. The most common cause is when a car is turning left in front of a motorcyclist. Accidents are also caused when a motorcyclist enters a corner too fast, a car changes lane and the driver doesn't check its blind spot, or when a driver opens its car door in front of you.

Can you avoid a motorcycle accident?

While some motorcycle accidents are unavoidable, there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of getting seriously injured. Read our tips for motorcyclists and drivers on avoiding a motorcycle accident below.

motorcyclist on a road as part of #StayRoadSafe campaign.

Tips for motorcyclists on avoiding a motorcycle accident

1. Be Alert - Particularly at junctions and roundabouts, you need to be alert and anticipate what other motorists are likely to do. Always take a glance over your shoulder before completing a manoeuvre.

2. Be SeenWearing fluorescent clothing or using dipped headlights, even during the day will help you to be seen and avoid a motorcycle accident.

3. Best Position - The safest place in the road for a Motorcycle Rider is normally the centre of the lane.  When preparing to make a turn, use your indicators and move over to the correct side of the lane in good time.

4. Overtaking - Overtaking is a major cause of motorcycle accidents.  Make sure you can see the road ahead of you clearly before trying to overtake and avoid overtaking on a bend in the road or near a junction.

5. Ride your motorcycle at a sensible speedThis will allow you to slow down and stop if you spot a hazard in the road.

6. Take more care in bad weather conditions - Rain, ice and fog are all known to contribute towards motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle in front of a silver car.
Motorbikes on the street in London.

Tips for other road users on avoiding a motorcycle accident

1. At a Junction - Before you turn either way, check in your mirrors to make sure there is not a motorcycle there.

2. Keep your Temper - If a Motorcyclist does something to annoy you keep your temper. Retaliating with a dangerous manoeuvre might not even injure you but could kill a motorcyclist.

3. Opening Doors - If you park at the side of the road, check for cyclists and motorcyclists before opening your doors.

4. Overtaking - Give a motorcyclist the same amount of room as you would when overtaking another car.

5. Pulling away - As you prepare to pull away from a parked position, check your mirrors for motorcyclists to avoid a motorcycle accident.

6. Pulling out of a Side Road - As you pull out from a junction make sure there are no motorcycles on the main road.  It is sometimes difficult to see them, particularly if cars are parked along the kerb side.

How to avoid being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident

Protect yourself in a Motorcycle Accident

Wearing the correct protective clothing can make a world of difference if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

Safety helmet

Brain injuries are common among motorcyclists who are seriously injured in motorcycle accidents, which is why it's vital to wear a helmet when you ride your motorbike. Your first priority should be an approved safety helmet which fits your head properly.  If the helmet takes a knock or becomes damaged make sure you replace it with a new one and replace your visor if it becomes scratched.

You should never wear a tinted visor or goggles if you are driving in the dark and you may find that a brightly coloured or white safety helmet helps you to be seen.

Safety Clothing

CE marked clothing is designed to protect you as much as possible if you fall from your motorcycle or become involved in a motorcycle accident.  You should purchase a jacket, trousers and a pair of boots which are reflective in the dark and fluorescent during the day.

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