Skiing holidays provide ample opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family enjoying the snow, but skiing is also one of the most dangerous sports you can participate in.

Ski accidents are the most common types of holiday accident claims, with more than a thousand ski injuries reported every year in Europe. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) reported 118 hospitalisations and 58 British deaths during skiing and snowboarding holidays between 2012 and 2016.

If you have been injured in a ski accident that wasn't your fault, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

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Frequently asked questions about skiing accident claims

Need information on what to do if you’ve sustained an injury from a ski accident? We answer your questions about making a ski accident claim.


What should I do after a ski accident?

No matter how minor you believe your injuries are, you should seek medical attention immediately. Call the police as soon as you can to report the accident and make sure you get a copy of the report.

Gather evidence of your ski accident to support your claim. If possible, take photographic evidence of where you were injured and the weather conditions. Try to collect statements from anyone who saw your accident.


How do I make a skiing accident claim? 

If you have sustained injuries in a ski accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Our lawyers can review your case and provide free legal advice on the validity of your claim. Get in touch with our lawyers on 0800 0 224 224 to discuss your case or complete our online claim form.


How much compensation can I get from a skiing accident claim?

Whether you have suffered a head or knee injury, the amount of compensation you can expect to receive from a ski accident depends on the individual case and the severity of your injury. Our lawyers will review your case and let you know how much compensation you are likely to get as soon as possible.


What ski injuries can I claim for?

There are a number of ski injuries you can claim for, but the most common ski injuries are sprains, fractures, cuts and bruises, broken bones and head, as well as injuries to the spine, back and neck.


Who can I make a claim against for my ski injury?

If your ski injury was caused by someone else’s fault, then you may be able to make a claim against them – they may well have insurance you can claim on. A claim can also be made against the skier, tour operator, ski centre, ski tutor or ski lift operator.


How long do I have to make a ski accident compensation claim?

Within the UK, you have three years from the date of the accident to make a claim, because different countries operate different laws which means the time you have to make a claim can be shorter depending on where your accident happened. If you wish to make a claim for a ski accident, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.


If my claim is successful, when will I receive compensation?

While our solicitors work hard to secure compensation as quickly as possible, there is no set time period for how long it takes to settle a claim.


How to prevent skiing accidents

Skiing accidents happen, but there are a few things you can do to prevent one happening to you. The FIS (the French acronym for the International Ski Federation) has established 10 ski safety rules for skiers and snowboarders to follow. These rules of skiing conduct are:

1. Respecting others on the slopes
2. Controlling and adapting speed to personal ability and weather conditions
3. Choosing a route that doesn’t endanger others
4. Following the rules on overtaking
5. Looking up and down the slopes before setting off
6. Avoiding stopping on the slopes unless necessary
7. Keeping to the side if you’re climbing or descending on foot
8. Respecting signs and markings
9. Assisting at accidents
10. Exchanging details if you’re involved or a witness in an accident.


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