No matter how you're getting to your destination, it pays to understand the rules and guidelines to avoid a road traffic accident.

Whether you're a pedestrian, a driver, a motorcyclist or cyclist, find out how safe you really are on the roads by testing your knowledge in our road safety quizzes below.

Find out more about our #StayRoadSafe campaign

Our #StayRoadSafe campaign aims to help keep everyone safe on the roads, no matter how they're getting to their destination. As every mode of transport has its own particular rules and guidelines, we want to make it easy for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists to understand their rules to the road and how best to avoid accidents. To find out more about the campaign and to read more tips on road safety, visit the link below.

If you're injured in a road collision that wasn't your fault, we can support you to make a road traffic accident claim for compensation. Find out more about the claim process by clicking the link below.