Since 1921, Thompsons Solicitors has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the UK to secure significant personal injury compensation settlements. From commonly occurring avoidable accidents to claims for slips, trips and falls, through to the most severe of road crash claims, spinal cord injury claims, acquired brain injury claims and cases involving diseases, such as mesothelioma claims, Thompsons Solicitors’ team of specialists have the experience and expertise to get the best outcome for injured people. 

While we’re experts who have been at the forefront of personal injury law for almost a century, we understand that for many of our clients a personal injury claim isn’t something they ever expected or wanted, to make. Often, the reason why it’s worth making a personal injury claim – for example, to secure an interim payment to cover immediate care needs or financial burdens – is not understood by injured people, because they have never been in this situation before. 

Interim payments can be hugely beneficial for people recovering from a brain injury, spinal cord injury or a serious amputation, as it can help them to access support and rehabilitation quickly. Families supporting someone with a mesothelioma diagnosis can also use interim payments to fund treatments not otherwise available on the NHS. 

Here we explain more about what interim payments are and how they can help seriously injured or unwell clients. 


Frequently asked questions about interim payments

1. What is an interim payment?

An interim payment is an immediate payment for an immediate need.  It is a sum of money advanced to a claimant from the total pot of compensation they will get at the end of their personal injury claim. 

2. Will I receive interim payments as part of my personal injury compensation claim?

Interim payments are usually reserved for compensation claims involving serious injuries, such as brain injury claims, spinal injury claims, serious medical injury claims, and mesothelioma claims. This is because these types of serious injury claims can take months, sometimes years, to settle and in that period the injured party may require funds to help aid their recovery or ease the financial burden on their family. 

3. How long will it take to receive an interim payment?

Thompsons Solicitors will always aim to secure the maximum amount of compensation in the shortest possible time and, for seriously injured clients and victims of asbestos-related disease, this will often include an application for an interim payment early in the claim process. This is so they can afford to pay for the necessary medical treatment, rehabilitation and adaptations to their home that they may not be able to afford while the claim is ongoing. 

4. Why should I choose Thompsons Solicitors to pursue my claim?

Thompsons Solicitors has only ever represented injured people and we will never work for employers or insurance companies. This unique commitment sets us apart from other UK law firms and is outlined in Our Pledge. For almost a century, our specialist personal injury lawyers have helped tens of thousands of people across the UK every year secure significant financial compensation and access specialist rehabilitation and support services, to help them get their lives back on track after suffering a personal injury.


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