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Skin Disease Case

Graham's story

Graham developed occupational dermatitis after being exposed to a harmful chemical solution at work.

He welded components and dipped seals in P80 solution, but his employer didn’t provide him with the correct gloves to protect his skin from exposure to contaminants. He was instead given light cotton gloves, which became soaked through and his hands remained wet from the solution throughout his working day.

As a result he developed the painful and itchy skin disease, dermatitis, and he turned to his union and instructed Thompsons to help him secure compensation.

Graham said: “Supplying cotton gloves to protect staff from handling harmful chemicals didn’t do the job, and as a result I contracted a painful skin disease. The chemicals that I worked with badly affected the fingers on my right hand and it was something that unfortunately impacted on both my work and personal life for months.”

“After my claim, my employer changed its procedures so that staff are now adequately protected when dealing with hazardous chemicals.”

Graham our industrial disease client