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Bilaal's story

Bilaal’s story

Bilaal was born at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham in 2006. His birth was normal and he had no apparent disabilities. Three days after his birth, Bilaal was not feeding properly so was fitted with a tube to ensure he received sufficient milk. Before an evening feed, a nurse failed to check Bilaal’s tube was in the correct position before giving his family milk to feed him, and complications ensued. As Bilaal was taken to the resuscitation room, there were significant delays because equipment was unavailable or broken.

After an eight minute delay, Bilaal was put on a ventilator and into intensive care. As a result of this delay, Bilaal suffered severe dystonic athetoid cerebral palsy and now has irreversible brain damage.

Thompsons are experts in medical negligence claims and was the third solicitors’ firm to take on the case; one that had been ongoing for the previous five years. Thompsons acted quickly to help Bilaal’s family initiate a proper care plan and obtained an interim payment for the family to address Bilaal’s immediate needs. Thompsons then secured a settlement that will allow Bilaal and his family to meet his lifetime care needs.

Bilaal’s mother, Nabila, said: “When we found Thompsons, we also found our solicitor, Linda Millband. The family support she has given us is fantastic. She is not just our solicitor. We never felt she was there just for legal services. She has always been like a family member to us.

“Within two years Thompsons settled our case and hopefully now we can settle in to normal life. We cannot make our son’s life better, but we can make it as easy as possible."

A series of complications at the hospital where Bilaal was born resulted in life changing consequences. Our medical negligence experts fought to secure compensation for Bilaal and his family.