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Road traffic collision client

Retired lecturer’s story

A former maths university lecturer, who suffered severe ankle injuries in a cycling incident after being hit by a car, has secured £29,000 in compensation, thanks to the support of Thompsons Solicitors.

The married 84-year-old retired professor of mathematics from Oxford, who taught at The Open University, was cycling along Oxford High Street in December 2021, when he was struck by a car as he was navigating a roundabout.

The crash's impact knocked him from his bicycle and onto the floor. He was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, where he discovered he had a serious fracture to his left ankle. He underwent surgery and remained in hospital for seven days before being discharged.

The retired lecturer turned to national law firm, Thompsons Solicitors, to make a compensation claim.

In support of the claim, Thompsons obtained independent medical evidence from a medico-legal expert, who confirmed that his ongoing physical restrictions were likely to be permanent, and that he may require injections or even further ankle surgery in the future.

Two years on from the incident, and he’s still suffering from the impact of his injuries, both physically and psychologically.

He said: “The crash has had a greater impact on my psychological well-being than on my physical health. I feel more anxious about going outside, which has made me feel quite isolated and affected my ability to socialise with friends.

“Despite my age, I’ve always been a physically healthy person, who would love to go out on bike rides around my local area. I’m unable to do activities like this because of the incident.

“I’ve made good progress with my ankle, but I’m now forced to use a walking stick to help with my mobility.

“My solicitor, Tracy, was excellent. She was a compassionate listener and very kind and generous with her time. She was also great at keeping me up-to-date with legal proceedings.”

Tracy Datta, of Thompsons Solicitors, said: “This case highlights the risks cyclists face on a daily basis. No cyclist should be put in danger because of one person’s careless driving.

“This has been a very distressing ordeal for our client, both in terms of his physical injuries and his ongoing anxiety, and he may yet need further surgery to help with his ankle.

“We’re pleased that we could secure a positive outcome for him, and hope this can provide some much-needed closure, so he can move on with his life.”