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Amputation claim

Craig's story

In November 2021 former lorry driver Craig Walton was involved in a head on road traffic collision that left him trapped in his vehicle for over an hour and resulted in life changing injuries. 

Following the crash, which happened whilst he was at work, Craig was airlifted to Leeds General Infirmary for urgent treatment. However, the extent of the damage caused to his right foot meant that he had to undergo a below the knee amputation. 

The severity of his injuries had a huge impact on the 33-year-old from Barnsley, forcing him to reconsider his career options and reassess his lifestyle. However, with his wife, Alice, five months pregnant at the time of the crash, he vowed to focus all of his energy on his recovery.  

He contacted his union URTU for help, and through his membership he was able to access legal assistance from Thompsons Solicitors. 

Crucially, his legal team were able to secure an interim payout that gave him access a range of services and support that helped to speed up his recovery. This included prosthetics, rehabilitation, and the adaptation of his living space to suit his needs. 

In the months that followed Craig embarked on a remarkable journey which resulted in him returning to college to qualify as a personal trainer, channelling his passion for fitness and his determination to get back to taking part in endurance events and kickboxing training.  

In September 2022 he climbed Mount Snowdon in Wales to raise money for local charities. He has also taken part in the Fan Dance challenge, a gruelling 24km hike over Pen y Fan, the highest mountain in the Brecon Beacons.  

He has secured his Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification and established a successful business and a loyal customer base. Determined to give back and to help inspire others that have gone through a traumatic incident, he also delivers motivational talks and offers support for other amputees. 


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Looking to the future Craig is preparing to move into a spacious, single-level adapted property that will better meet his needs. He also hopes to further grow his business, providing specialist PT support to amputees.  

Speaking to the press last year about injuries and his recovery journey Craig said that while it had taken a lot of effort, he was now ‘physically fitter and stronger than before the crash’.  

He said: “The challenges I've faced due to what happened, and the adjustments required to embrace a new way of life with my prosthetic, have helped me build my psychological resilience. It’s allowed me to stay on top of my mental health and well-being and keep a positive attitude. 

“Now, I want to help others. Even if I can help just one person overcome adversity, I will consider it a huge success.” 

Commenting on his recovery journey and the support he received Craig added: “The interim payments and the final compensation settlement provide me with access to state-of-the-art prosthetics and a bespoke rehabilitation package. 

“I can now look to the future with my partner and young daughter, safe in the knowledge that I’ll be able to enjoy a good quality of life and that we are financially secure as a family.” 

Helen Shakespeare, a serious injury specialist at Thompsons’ Leeds office who represented Mr Walton, added: “Although Craig will still face challenges because of the physical and psychological effects of his injury, the prospect of moving into an adapted home that meets his needs, along with his high-tech prosthetics, has provided a great opportunity for him and his family to move forward with their lives. 

“Defendant insurers will often want to pay the bare minimum, just enough to get a seriously injured person back to some level of normality. But we strongly believe that it should go further. There is no reason why Craig, or anyone else, should not be able to take part in the various physical activities and hobbies they enjoyed before his amputation. 

“We’re proud to represent people like Craig and fight to ensure they get the maximum compensation to allow them to lead the life they want.” 

Robert Monks, URTU's General Secretary, expressed: "I am delighted to see Craig reap the benefits of the legal services Thompsons offers through his membership of our Union. The collision he endured was horrific and entirely preventable. 

"Craig was already an exceptional individual before the crash, and his determination to adapt to his new circumstances while continuing to inspire others is truly remarkable. We are immensely grateful to have the nationwide legal expertise of Thompsons available to all our members."