Asbestos and radiation disease specialist Rachel has worked at Thompsons Solicitors for more than two decades and is based in Newcastle.

Beginning her career working in the British Coal Litigation Scheme Team recovering compensation for ex-miners with vibration white finger, litigation assistant Rachel has spent the last nine years on the North East region’s asbestos disease team.

On top of her work in the North East handling claims for mainly non-malignant asbestos conditions such as pleural plaques, thickening and asbestosis, Rachel works nationally handling cancer-related claims involving individuals who have been exposed to radiation during their employment.

With extensive experience of employers’ and public liability claims, Rachel often handles cases that come under the Turner & Newalls Trust Scheme for asbestos diseases and the Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases.

Rachel’s primary aim at work is to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible for clients in a professional, friendly and empathetic manner.

For Rachel, the most rewarding aspect about working at Thompsons is that the firm only seeks justice for the injured party.

Outside of work, Rachel enjoys going to the gym and being involved in creative projects.


Rachel's case experience

Asbestosis claim: Rachel represented the estate of a woman whose death was caused by asbestosis, which was contracted during her 30 year employment at a chemical works. Despite being exposed to substantial amounts of asbestos dust during the period of her employment, a claim was prevented from proceeding for many years as a result of the parent company filling for bankruptcy in the United States. Following the establishment of a compensation scheme, Rachel submitted a claim and recovered £62,279 for the estate of the late woman.

Radiation exposure claims: Rachel has secured substantial awards of compensation under the Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases for individuals, and the estates of individuals, who developed cancer as a consequence of occupational radiation exposure.



Rachel’s former client, who made a claim for asbestosis under the Turner & Newalls Trust Scheme, said: “Thank you Rachel and team for your good work and effort. Best regards.”

A former client of Rachel’s, who made a claim under the Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases, said: “Many thanks to Rachel for the work she put into the claim. Thompsons put a great deal of effort into my claim, they were extremely helpful with any questions I raised via the telephone calls made to them. I was very happy with the result.”