Based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Central London office, Alexandra Scott is an experienced medical negligence and personal injury solicitor, specialising in claims arising from tension-free vaginal tape operations. Many women have experienced serious problems following these mesh sling implants, which have been used to treat urinary incontinence. Some have suffered chronic pain, injury to surrounding organs, sexual difficulties and infection.

Alexandra is an active campaigner to have the surgical technique completely banned.

Alexandra’s current caseload in London and South East England, includes other clinical negligence claims for operations that have gone drastically wrong, sometimes resulting in the death of the patient. Alexandra also handles claims arising out of substantial delays in diagnosing and treating brain haemorrhages, as well as serious illnesses such as cancer.

Alexandra, who has only ever acted for claimants, qualified as a solicitor in 2011, having worked in a paralegal capacity from 2004.

Before joining Thompsons, Alexandra was involved in high-value compensation cases resulting from road traffic accidents and claims - sometimes involving other legal jurisdictions - against airlines and airport companies and their contractors.

Alexandra’s professional history includes involvement in high value cases involving catastrophic injury and fatalities, together with claims resulting from medical deficiencies during birth, cerebral palsy and cosmetic surgery.

Alexandra says her job at Thompsons enables her to focus on TVT cases, where many women have suffered a major injustice, which has had a deep and long-lasting impact on their lives. She points out that NHS England has suspended the use of all TVT mesh products, but the legacy of their previous use still has to be addressed.

Since university Alexandra has practiced yoga and kayaking and likes to go hiking, climbing and going on adventure holidays.

Alexandra's case experience    

Misdiagnosis claim: Alexandra is acting for the family of a person who died following incorrect diagnosis and a severe injury to the bowel during surgery. Other fatalities occurred following failures to identify and delays in treating cancers and haemorrhages to the brain.

Hernia surgery claims: She has acted for clients who suffered major tissue damage during hernia surgery and one patient who did not receive appropriate after-care following surgery and suffered from blood clots and other complications

Brain injury claims: Alexandra was part of a team which took brain injury and cerebral palsy cases each of which settled for more than a million pounds.

Road Traffic Accident claim: One claimant suffered major injuries to her chest and heart when she was a passenger in a head-on crash.

Personal Injury claim: Alexandra secured a settlement for a claimant who sustained injuries to her head and neck when luggage fell out of an overhead locker on an aircraft.


The daughter of one of Alexandra’s client’s said: “I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for assisting my dad in his compensation claim. You have always been very professional and very honest which we have appreciated throughout this process. I am truly grateful for everything you have done for my dad. We wish you every success for the future.”