Alison Fahy is an extremely experienced solicitor supervising Thompsons Solicitors’ lawyers who deal with multi-track claims where compensation is expected to be in excess of £25,000.

Based in the firm’s Birmingham office, with responsibility for the whole of the West Midlands, Alison supervises colleagues but also retains heavy involvement in individual cases.

With more than 20 years’ experience specialising in industrial disease claims, Alison has dealt with a wide range of cases, including those where she has represented clients with mesothelioma, a fatal disease caused by exposure to asbestos. Over the course of her long career, Alison has also represented the victims of road traffic accidents and those injured outside the workplace.

Alison has a successful track record in securing maximum compensation for her clients, taking great care to update her clients on any developments throughout the duration of their claim.

Alison takes great pride in sharing Thompsons’ values - particularly its policy of only ever representing those who have suffered an injury, as opposed to employers or insurers.

In her spare time Alison likes reading, going to the theatre, walking and keeping fit.


Alison's case experience

Mesothelioma claim: Alison won damages for the family of a man who had contracted mesothelioma, a fatal disease developed as a result of exposure to asbestos. For most of his working life, the man was employed by the same construction company, during which time he was negligently exposed to the material in schools and other public buildings. Quite soon after retiring, Alison’s client began to suffer severe problems with his lungs and unfortunately he died before the case was settled.

Industrial disease claim: Alison represented a kitchen worker who had pointed out to her employer on countless occasions that she was exposed to an intolerable level of dust. Her employers failed to act on her complaints and eventually she began to suffer from a persistent cough. She was later found to be suffering from respiratory tract irritation. Alison negotiated an out-of-court settlement, securing a substantial sum for her client.


Professional membership

Alison is accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) as a senior litigator.


Client testimonials

The wife of a mesothelioma victim, said: “This is going to be a difficult letter to write, as the words written down cannot convey all the hard work over the last three years that have gone into the final wonderful outcome. Jane (daughter) rang me the day before my 80th birthday with the magnificent news that she had received a cheque from you.

“The money could not bring bob back, but as Jane says, it will make what is left of my life free from money trouble. You have put so much work, time and energy into it and words cannot express how grateful I am.”