Sarah is a lawyer specialising in personal injury at Thompsons Solicitors' Birmingham office, bringing a unique depth of experience to her role. Since joining the firm in 1988, Sarah's career has evolved remarkably, from the post-room to reception and advancing to a secretarial position. In 2002, she transitioned into a paralegal role, demonstrating her adaptability and dedication.

Specialising in Assault at Work claims, Sarah's expertise is mainly focused on cases involving vulnerable adults and children. Her work in this area is crucial, often dealing with complex and sensitive scenarios requiring legal understanding and a compassionate approach.

Sarah's commitment to providing swift and thorough legal service is evident in her approach to client interactions. She prioritises prompt communication upon receiving instructions, ensuring clients understand their cases' legal processes and likely progression. Her honest assessments of prospects and potential challenges reflect her commitment to transparency.

Sarah's role also involves maintaining pressure on defendants to facilitate early decisions or document provision, thereby enabling efficient advice and case progression. Her efforts aim to achieve the earliest possible settlement for her clients.

Beyond her legal work, Sarah's life is enriched by her interests outside the office. She is an avid dog walker, enjoying the tranquillity and companionship this brings. Additionally, Sarah is passionate about motorcycle speedway, which she follows enthusiastically in the UK and Europe.