Stephen Jewell is a member of Thompsons Solicitors’ personal injury team based in Manchester with more than two decades of experience of successfully handling personal injury claims.

Stephen takes clients from all over England and Wales. He specialises in cases where there is an international element and the involvement of a foreign jurisdiction.

Many of his clients have sustained injuries and illness during travel overseas by air or by sea, whether on holiday or during the course of their work.

His previous experience includes being a team leader in the holiday sickness claims department. Stephen’s cases can involve package holidays where he has to prove there have been breaches of legal standards in the country concerned which caused the client’s accident.

On occasion claims can involve employer liability and cases involving the Montreal and Athens international conventions, covering accidents and illnesses by air and by sea respectively.

Stephen’s cases involve the full range of orthopaedic injuries including fractures from slipping and tripping.  Stephen has considerable experience representing clients suffering from injuries to the digestive system, as a result of food poisoning.

Stephen’s cases also involve psychological injury, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As part of his full caseload he covers Fast Track and Multi Track claims – the former covering compensation between £10,000 and £25,000 and the latter where damages are in excess of £25,000.

As a member of the foreign jurisdiction department at Thompsons, Stephen strives to enhance and increase his knowledge and experience of private and international law claims.

Stephen values his position at Thompsons because of the high quality and variety of cases with which he is dealing. He also values the Thompsons’ emphasis on the ongoing learning and development of its staff, which ensures the highest standards of expertise.

He is a strong proponent of Thompsons’ close links with the labour movement and the opportunity it provides to handle claims on behalf of union members. He finds it invaluable to enlist the help of union officials and health and safety representatives to assist with investigations.

Away from work, Stephen enjoys reading novels, travel books and autobiographies. He also likes going to the theatre and cinema. For physical exercise he goes to the gym and a weekly Pilates class.

Stephen's case experience

Some examples of cases Stephen has successfully concluded, by agreeing a settlement with the other side:

An action by a family of four against TUI UK, following gastric illness suffered while staying on an all-inclusive basis at a hotel in Turkey in July 2015. Three of the four claimants had confirmed salmonella infections. The company mounted a defence against the claim, but it was settled during the course of litigation.

An employer liability claim for a UNITE union member working as a kitchen worker at an army barracks in Germany. He suffered a back injury while trying to take out a packet of frozen meat from the lower part of a heavily packed and large freezer that had no shelves. The claim was disputed, because the employer refused to admit the accident occurred as alleged. The claim was settled during litigation.

A claim for a woman injured by a falling picture, during an art auction on board a cruise ship following a sudden movement of the ship. The client suffered physical and psychiatric injuries as a result of the accident. The claim was brought against the cruise operator and the art auction company, under the Athens Convention and liability was admitted.

A claim was brought against TUI Airways Limited, under the Montreal Convention, for clients injured in the process of disembarkation following the arrival of a flight at Alicante airport. The client’s mother was disabled, so the claimants had to disembark using an “Ambulift”.  The operator failed to fully lower the lift and in making its way to the terminal it crashed into an overhead bridge, causing the client and his mother to suffer an injury.


“I would like to say a big thank you to Stephen Jewell for his professional, caring, efficient and stress-free (for me) way he carried out a conclusion to my case.  I am very happy with the conduct, the outcome and would most definitely recommend him. Thank you once again.”