Veena is a Senior Solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors in their Birmingham Office with over 20 years of personal injury case handling experience.

She is known for her expertise in handling complex cases involving industrial workplace injuries, road traffic collisions, fatalities, and historic sexual abuse cases. Her specialisation extends to dealing with serious orthopaedic injuries, brain injuries, as well as psychological and psychiatric injuries.

Veena manages a substantial caseload of complex personal injury cases, often presenting intricate liability and medical causation challenges. As an experienced litigator, she works under pressure to meet critical court deadlines. Additionally, Veena plays a supervisory role in guiding colleagues through assault cases, showcasing her leadership skills and legal acumen.

Driven by a passion for helping those who have suffered life-changing injuries, Veena is committed to aiding her clients in recovering compensation that significantly impacts their work and home lives. Veena is fluent in Punjabi as a second language.

She finds inspiration in Thompsons' steadfast commitment to the Trade Union movement and its dedication to securing justice for working people.

Outside the demanding world of legal practice, Veena is a devoted mother to three young children, prioritising family time above all. In the moments she finds for herself, Veena enjoys unwinding with a good book or rejuvenating with a long walk, balancing her professional commitments with personal well-being and family life.