Warinder, an Associate at Thompsons Solicitors, is a senior personal injury lawyer responsible for supervising the firm’s West Midlands work-related stress team of solicitors, based in the Birmingham office.

A solicitor with over 26 years’ experience which covers a vast range of legal cases, Warinder is considered to be a hard-working, dedicated lawyer who gets results. Warinder has dealt with family, criminal and employment law, represented workers at tribunals, police stations, and through the court system. Warinder also has extensive experience of handling personal injury claims, involving work-related upper limb disorders, exposure to substances hazardous to health, traumatic accidents both at work and in road collisions.



Warinder was at the cutting edge of pursuing justice for workers damaged by the effects of work-related stress, when this type of litigation was in its infancy: involved in ground-breaking cases, Warinder helped to set standards across the field. Now an expert and specialist in work-related stress claims, Warinder supervises Thompsons’ West Midlands team of nine specialist lawyers.

Warinder continues his success in gaining justice and compensation for workers suffering from stress, whether through overwork, exposure to trauma or harassment and bullying. From his time dealing with clients with multiple orthopaedic injuries or psychological damage, Warinder is used to representing individuals who may be in a fragile state and tries to make the process as comfortable as possible. Warinder’s approach to clients is always highly professional and sensitive.



Mark Bannister worked for Staffordshire University and suffered a work-related stress injury through overwork. Staff shortages led to him working 65 hours a week. Warinder took on the case, and, in an out of court settlement, gained £110,000 in compensation for Mark.



Warinder is a firm believer in giving people access to legal services and justice, and standing up for those who find themselves at the wrong end of an employer who tries to take advantage: this is what drew Warinder to Thompsons Solicitors in the first place. Helping the victims of personal injury, and seeing them rebuilding their lives, is what keeps Warinder motivated.

Warinder enjoys martial arts and likes to unwind by playing the tabla, which is a pair of double drums that often accompany the sitar. A volunteer at a Wolverhampton welfare centre, Warinder is also a union representative and a member of the Labour Party.

Recommendations for Warinder Juss

Hazel Zaidi, a Thompsons work-related stress client, said: “You have kept me informed as you have received information. You have been very professional in advising me. I am pleased with your service and I would recommend you.”