David Gauler is a serious injury lawyer at Thompsons Solicitors with vast general experience in the field and particular knowledge of a number of specialisms.

With 15 years’ experience as a solicitor, David has dealt with a wide range of cases, including accidents at work, road traffic accidents and serious assaults. He sometimes represents the families of people who have died as a result of their injuries.

David deals with cases involving extremely serious brain and spinal injuries and where clients have lost limbs.

David is keenly aware that clients are often going through the most traumatic period in their lives when they come to Thompsons. As a consequence he operates with a great deal of care and understanding.

As part of his client-centered approach, David spends a substantial amount of time dealing with matters which go beyond standard legal work. He attends meetings alongside a range of professionals to assist with drawing up care and treatment packages for the client to ensure that the best medical advice and intervention is available. He makes sure that his client’s complex needs are addressed during the litigation process.

David uses all his expertise to ensure the best possible final compensation is achieved so that in the long term the client’s financial, housing and medical needs are met in full. He is also aware of the importance of ensuring that the compensation is available in the shortest possible time. He uses his long experience and negotiating skill to ensure that both goals are achieved.

David’s extensive knowledge of the theory and practice of the law on personal injury means he can win the most intractable cases. His often ingenious approach to the law allows him to settle complicated cases long before the courts have taken a view.

At the moment David is involved in ground-breaking motoring litigation, which if successful, will greatly increase the number of victims able to claim compensation following accidents involving uninsured drivers.

David also has considerable experience in industrial disease work and is responsible for supervising cases at Thompsons’ Birmingham offices involving exposure to hazardous substances. He also has specialist expertise in injuries caused by defective products and he trains the firm’s lawyers on such cases nationally. David is responsible for training all solicitors on general matters of personal injury law and procedure at Birmingham.

David is “immensely proud” to work for Thompsons because of its insistence on exclusively representing claimants, rather than those who may be responsible for their injuries and because of the firm’s role as a champion of the rights of ordinary people over the financial interests of corporations.

Away from work, David especially likes to spend time with his wife and daughters. He also enjoys park runs and bodyboarding.



An innovative approach to litigation allowed David to win a six figure sum for a teacher who sustained severe physical and psychological injuries when she broke up a fight between two pupils at school. It was an extremely difficult case, but David pursued the highly unusual strategy of placing full reliance on the defendant’s own defense. David was able to exploit issues with his opponent’s own legal arguments to win the case.

David won a substantial settlement for a father whose daughter had been hit by a vehicle driven by a diabetic motorist who lost consciousness at the wheel due to a hypoglycemic attack. The father brought the case to Thompsons after another firm said the claim for compensation would not succeed because the motorist had no control of his actions at time of the accident. David took the time and trouble to sift through medical evidence and decades old documents from the DVLA. As a result David successfully proved that if the motorist had checked his blood before driving – as he had been advised to do many years previously – the accident would not have happened.



David is a member of the brain injury association Headway and volunteers for the brain injury charity Silverlining.



Ms H: “I cannot fault the service I have received. Communication was excellent. David kept me informed of the progress of my case every step of the way and showed care and compassion. He went out of his way to give me the best possible service. I received honesty throughout”.

Mr B: “David Gauler was exceptional and gave us very good advice. We are eternally grateful and this money, which we would never have got without him, will make such a difference to our lives”.

Mrs S: “I can’t thank you enough David. Your service was the most efficient I have ever come across. I shall be recommending you to all I know”

Mrs A: “Many, many thanks for all your work in securing me such a large settlement. I never expected I would get anywhere near that amount”.

Mr B: “I would like to thank you for an excellent result which you have been able to produce.  It was far in excess of what I expected”.