Scientists in the US say that a blood test may be able to detect whether a patient has suffered concussion, which could help doctors better diagnose brain injuries.

Researchers analysed nearly 600 patients over a three year period and found that the simple blood test detected mild to moderate traumatic brain lesions in adults, with up to 97 percent accuracy.

Researchers discovered that when a brain injury occurs, a biomarker is released which can then be detected via blood test.

Authors of the report also claim that the blood test indicated which patients were in need of life saving neurosurgery.

If proven to be an effective method of diagnosis, the blood test could mean children would not need to undergo radiation-exposing scans to identify whether they have suffered an injury.

Samantha Hemsley, national head of Thompsons’ clinical negligence team, said: “The effects of a brain injury can be life changing and through our work with brain injury survivors, we understand the importance of early diagnosis.

“Whilst this research is in its relative infancy, anything that could potentially help to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and the speed of diagnosis of brain injuries in a non-invasive way is a very welcome potential development.”