Who is Mahesh Patwardhan?

Mr Mahesh Patwardhan was a gynaecologist who saw NHS patients at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlton, South East London, and private patients at the nearby Blackheath Hospital and The Holly in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. In 2016, he was given an eight-year prison sentence after being convicted of four counts of sexual assault against patients, and two counts of falsely billing medical insurers for work he did not conduct.

Although his conviction was years ago, it has since come to light that Mr Patwardhan was also involved in a host of unnecessary mesh operations carried out on patients, leaving many to suffer serious health complications and potential life-long injuries.

What are mesh operations?

Despite a government recommendation to suspend the use of vaginal mesh due to its negative side effects, mesh surgery was, and still is, used as a form of treatment for vaginal and rectal issues such as organ prolapse and abdominal hernias, in men, women and even children. Patients who underwent mesh surgery argue that they were inadequately informed of the risks and side effects beforehand and, in some cases, allege they were unnecessarily operated on. In reality, these operations come with a huge amount of risk, and many who have received the treatment are now paying the price.

I was treated by Mr Patwardhan and think I’ve been affected – what can I do?

If you believe you underwent unnecessary mesh surgery performed by Mr Patwardhan that has adversely affected your health and wellbeing, get in touch with one of our experienced and expert solicitors, who will be able to advise whether you can make a doctor negligence claim.

Call 0800 0 224 224 for confidential legal advice or complete our free and online start a claim form.

Help us put Patients Before Profits

Thompsons Solicitors is campaigning to highlight the dangers of mesh operations as part of our Patients before Profits campaign, working alongside Sling the Mesh to help raise awareness of the risks associated with mesh injury with the public, MPs and in the media and to call for an immediate suspension of mesh use in surgery. Learn more about the campaign and how you can show your support here.