The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust has invited patients of cancer surgeon Mr Manu Nair to information sharing events following concerns raised about his practice.

The surgeon, whose full name is Arackal Narayan Manu Nair, was suspended from practicing at Solihull Hospital, Heartlands Hospital and Spire Parkway in April 2014 after colleagues raised alarms about procedures being carried out by the consultant on men with prostate cancer.

Mr Nair, who was a consultant urologist and clinical director at Heartlands hospital, is thought to have carried out radical prostatectomies on 170 patients. The surgeon has also previously appeared on Channel Four’s Embarrassing Bodies.

A review is being carried out by the Royal College of Surgeons, and the Heart of England Trust will update patients about the investigation during events between the 21-30 March in the Lea Marston Hotel, St Paul’s Centre and the Renewal Christian Centre Solihull.

The surgeon, who has since resigned from the Trust, worked at the same hospitals as disgraced breast cancer surgeon Ian Paterson.

Medical negligence specialists Thompsons Solicitors is acting on behalf of affected patients. One client, who wishes to remain anonymous, has spoken out about his case.

He said: “I had two operations performed by Mr Nair, the first of which was a prostatectomy in January 2011. He told me the risk of complication was very low - I can’t believe that over five years later I’ve had to have 33 sessions of radiotherapy to counter his mistake.

“This was systematic and deliberate deception of hundreds of men by Mr Nair. Facing more treatment has been a depressing prospect, but I am grateful to Thompsons Solicitors who have been instrumental in supporting me and my family as we come to terms with this ordeal.”

Tony Mikhael, senior medical negligence solicitor at Thompsons said: “We are already acting for several of Mr Nair’s recalled patients but there may be many more out there who have been wrongly or poorly treated by him who have yet to come forward. What’s highly concerning is that Mr Nair may be given his licence back unless the General Medical Council oppose that.

“We are urging anyone treated by Mr Nair to attend one of the information events and hopefully be reassured but if they have any concerns about that treatment to seek immediate legal advice.”