Response to Admiral full year financial results

  • Overall group profit up 7% to £370m
  • Full year dividend up 9%

Tom Jones, head of policy and public affairs at Thompsons Solicitors said:

“Today’s announcement from Admiral is the latest in a long line of very positive profit figure reports from motor insurers.

“Good news for the shareholders but yet again a deafening silence about any good news for individual policy holders.

“Admiral’s results simply don't fit with the relentless stories of a ‘whiplash crisis’, the headlines about Britain being in the ‘grip’ of a compensation culture or the seemingly all pervasive yet unidentifiable culture of fraud.

“Presumably the insurance misinformation machine will have the decency to go quiet for a few weeks until these results are a little less fresh in the mind of the public. After that, we anticipate it will be back to crisis as usual.”