Glow-in-the-dark road markings and cycle lanes, which developers claim will vastly improve road safety, could become a reality in the UK after the technology was successfully installed on a road in the Netherlands.

Route 66 of the Future uses special green paint that charges during daylight and converts that energy into a florescent glow at night.

The innovative markings are expected to improve safety for road users as they are designed to be clearer than existing cat's eye, and more visible than standard lights in foggy conditions.

The first cycle highway, called the Van-Roosegaarde Light Emitting Bicycle Path, is due to be launched in December in Nuenen. Its creators said that UK planners have already expressed an interest in the technology.

Head of policy at Thompsons Solicitors, Tom Jones, said: “Any new technology which could help reduce the unacceptably high numbers of people killed or injured on UK roads is welcome and should be given priority consideration.

“However, while this technology is a positive step for improving visibility for cyclists at night – it will no doubt take time to come to the UK and in the meantime basic safety steps including better training of HGV / large vehicle drivers and better separation of vulnerable road users from other traffic on the roads shouldn’t be ignored.

“The government needs to take urgent and effective action to improve safety for all road users, particularly when using roads at night, and should consider all available options to do so.”