01 August 2019 marks the beginning of National Road Victim Month, a time to remember those who have been killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions on Britain’s roads.

In 2018, there was a total of 160,378 road traffic crashes in the UK, of which more than 27,000 people were killed or seriously injured, according to figures published by the Department for Transport.

There is an increased risk of having a road traffic crash during August so this month is dedicated to victims of road traffic collisions, raising awareness of the dangers of driving, and the serious consequences of road traffic collisions.

Thompsons Solicitors is committed to supporting those who have been injured or tragically killed in a road traffic collision.

We support victims of road traffic crashes, like Jane, to make a claim for compensation.

Road traffic accident specialist solicitor, Phil Liptrott, based in Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester office, said: “National Road Victim Month is a time to remember those who have been seriously injured or tragically killed as a result of a road traffic collision. It also provides an opportunity to raise wider concerns about road safety in the UK.

“While accidents are in some cases entirely unavoidable, in too many instances road traffic collisions could have been prevented. It is vital that road safety awareness events see an improvement in road safety, and ultimately reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on Britain’s roads.”

Stay Road Safe

We created our Stay Road Safe campaign to remind everyone of the rules of the road and to decrease the number of road traffic collisions in the UK. Find out more about some of the ways we're helping to promote the importance of road safety on our campaign page.