The number of drivers convicted of speeding has risen sharply in the last year.

According to figures obtained from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) by the Institute of Advanced Motorist (IAM), 148,426 drivers were convicted of speeding offences during 2014, up 28 percent compared with the previous year.

Driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without insurance and failing to supply driver identity information remain in the top five most common driving offences.

The minimum penalty for speeding is three penalty points and a fine of £100.

Lisa Gunner, a serious injury solicitor based in Thompsons Solicitors’ Bristol office, said: “The sharp rise in speeding convictions recorded by the MOJ during the last year is shocking.

“Speed limits are in place to protect all road users. Speeding and road casualties go hand in hand and, in the absence of proper funding for police forces UK wide to increase patrols and deter people from speeding, unfortunately accidents are likely to rise.”