A survey by road safety charity, Brake, has revealed that more than one in seven drivers makes illegal or risky manoeuvres in order to correct a mistake made when following sat-nav instructions.

Around one in 14 drivers admitted to having a ‘near miss’, defined as swerving or braking suddenly, after being distracted by their sat-nav. The survey revealed that the same number admitted to having a ‘near miss’ because they were adjusting their stereo.

As part of its drive smart campaign, Brake is urging all drivers to resolve to stay alert when they are behind the wheel during 2015. The charity also campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of multitasking at the wheel; for example using a mobile phone, hand held or hands free kit, can increase your risk of causing death or injury by four times.

David Robinson, specialist road traffic accident solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors, said: “For many of us, sat-navs have become an essential piece of equipment when making a journey. However, a sat-nav can quickly become a dangerous distraction when things don’t go to plan or if drivers try to correct a wrong turn in a reckless way.

“Attempting to multitask while driving increases your chance of crashing significantly, and yet too often drivers take their eyes off the road to reconfigure sat-navs, eat, talk on the phone or send a text.

“Driving requires your full attention and becoming distracted at the wheel can be one of the most dangerous things you do. Following the instructions of your sat-nav should always be completed with care and attention to the environment around you."