The majority of people (75%) in the UK would like to see the government invest more in cycling safety, according to an independent survey commissioned by sustainable transport charity, Sustrans.

The Bike Life survey, which polled 11,000 cyclists and non-cyclists across seven major UK cities, revealed that 79% of people would like to see improved safety for people riding bikes. The survey also revealed that only 29% of people think cyclist safety where they live is good or very good.

Three quarters (75%) of people want to see the government invest more in making cycling safer and, on average, people believe the appropriate amount for the government to invest in cycling is £26 per person per year. According to Sustrans, the government currently spends just £4 per person in England on cycling.

Tom Jones, head of policy at Thompsons Solicitors said: “As a firm representing victims of road traffic accidents, we have long campaigned for improved cycling safety and better investment in cycling. This survey clearly shows that we are not alone in holding that view.

“Cycling boasts numerous social, economic and health benefits and increased investment in cycling would not only help reduce cyclist causalities, but also give people the confidence to travel by bike, cutting air pollution, traffic and congestion and potentially saving the NHS millions of pounds through the health benefits associated with cycling.

"However, there are far too many cyclist injuries and fatalities in the UK and the government needs to listen to this survey and instead of making cuts that impact directly on cycling safety, invest to protect cyclists already on our roads and to encourage more people to get out on their bikes.”