Headway, the brain injury association, has called for more support for people who have suffered a brain injury, including better rehabilitative support.

This comes as latest figures show that the number of hospital admissions in Wales related to acquired brain injuries has increased by 8% since 2001, yet there has been no proportional rise in funding for acquired brain injury services.

Latest figures from Headway show that there were 348,934 UK hospital admissions in 2013 - 14 relating to acquired brain injury. According to the charity, every 90 seconds someone is admitted to a UK hospital with an acquired brain injury-related diagnosis.

The effects of a brain injury can vary considerably and at its most severe can lead to significant long-term disability. Symptoms include severe cognitive damage, and physical disability.

Headway, the brain injury association, is a UK-wide charity working to improve life for brain injury victims.

Samantha Hemsley, a senior serious injury solicitor and head of serious injury at Thompsons Solicitors said: “We work closely with victims of serious injury and understand the extensive rehabilitation process brain injury survivors face post injury.

“Headway provides an essential service to victims of brain injury offering support, care and guidance to victims and their families. We maintain close working links with Headway and other similar charities to ensure our clients access the best rehabilitation and support services as they adapt to living with a brain injury.

“We know that these services can prove to be a lifeline for many seriously injured people. Crucially these vital services need to be properly funded not left to overstretched budgets and the goodwill of charities.”