Twenty-three year old Jonathan Bradshaw created the customisable artificial limb for his final design project after learning from his friend’s experience that some amputees prefer to use wheelchairs because they dislike the way that prosthetic legs look.

Jonathan chose to create a design to give people like his friend Amy Bosley, 24, who had a leg amputated following an illness, confidence when wearing prosthetic limbs and the option to show their individuality by changing the design to reflect their own style, personality and mood.

His prototype design features a removable casing system that protects the leg’s core but clips on and off by hand.

Jonathan said: "From the research I have done, I've found that appearance is just as important to younger people as comfort and functionality. It’s my aim to increase the amount of choice that people have so that they can wear different covers for different occasions."

Christalla Christodoulidou from Thompsons Solicitors, commented: "Young people in particular can be very image conscious. This design could help prosthetic users express themselves in a unique way and if this encourages them to use prosthetics rather than rely on a wheelchair then that would be an extremely positive result."