Road accidents involving cyclists have increased sharply over the past year in Nottinghamshire.

In 2011 two cyclists were killed and 87 seriously injured in collisions on the road, compared with three fatalities and 63 serious injuries in 2010 – an increase of 36%.

Minor injuries also increased from 267 in 2010 to 293 in 2011 – an increase of 5%. But, most shockingly, in the first six months of 2012 three cyclists have already been killed on Nottinghamshire's roads.

Police analysis shows that two-thirds of collisions were due to motorists not seeing cyclists or not giving them sufficient space when trying to over take, whilst one-third was down to cyclist error.

Action from Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership

In a bid to reverse this upward trend, the Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership will distribute packs containing high-visibility backpacks, jackets and lights as well as offering advice on cycle safety and visibility at a number of locations until the 23rd May.

Chief Inspector Charlton from Nottinghamshire Police said: “Motorists need to be aware that they are sharing the road with bicycles, and all road users, no matter what vehicle they use, need to observe the Highway Code at all times.

”This will be just one of a number of road safety operations we will be running in Nottinghamshire throughout the year, and all are essential if we are to reduce casualties on our roads not just this year but in years to come.”

Peter Magee, a solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors’ Serious Injuries Team said: “Cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users, and should make themselves as visible as possible when on the roads, it reduces the risk of being hit and increases the chances of a successful compensation claim if you are. In an overwhelming majority of cycling collisions we deal with, the accident was in some way preventable.”