The decision to kill the animal was made after the farmer failed to recapture it and officers located it on the Fox Hill Primary School field.

The bull was contained within the school grounds whilst all children were inside the school building unaware of anything untoward.

Injuries caused by cattle

Thankfully no one was injured in this incident, but escaped cattle can cause serious injuries and even fatalities if preventative measures are not quickly taken.

Cows and bulls are heavy animals so even standing on a person’s foot can result in broken bones or a crush injury. Although mostly gentle animals cows can charge at a person if they feel threatened, this is particularly common on public rights of way through fields containing cattle.

When cattle escape from an enclosure they can stray onto nearby roads causing road traffic accidents.

Samantha Hemsley, a solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors’ Serious Injuries Team said: “Bulls are very large and potentially very dangerous animals. We have over the years dealt with many cases where frightened animals, those protective of their young have behaved unpredictably and caused very serious injuries. Thankfully in this case measures were quickly taken to trace, contain and destroy the bull before it caused accident or injury.”