The dead man, 66, was walking his dog with his brother when the herd attacked.

The brother was airlifted to Frenchay Hospital with a collapsed lung and broken ribs.
Wiltshire Police say the cattle pose no further threat to the public and have been moved into another field.

Livestock board chairman Charles Sercombe said: "It's especially important for walkers to be sympathetic to farm animals rearing their young.

"If you feel threatened do not run, move to the edge of the field and if possible find another way round.

"If you're walking with a dog keep it on a lead when walking around livestock, but let it go if the situation demands it."

Lisa Gunner, a serious injury solicitor at Thompsons Bristol office said: “Incidents of this nature are relatively rare but the size of these animals means that when they happen they usually involve serious injury. At a time of year when livestock have young this tragedy is a reminder for both the public to take reasonable precautions and for livestock owners to minimise the risk to lawful visitors.”