Originally born in South Africa, Lorna was brought up in North Wales but moved to Birmingham to do her LLB at the University of Birmingham. Now based in Thompsons Nottingham office, she has worked at the firm for almost 15 years.


What inspired you to go into law?


I was always interested in law for its analytical and problem solving aspects - but I also knew that I wanted to use my training to help people. I feel very passionate about representing and advocating for those who are not in a position to do so for themselves and ultimately making a difference to their lives, and the lives of their loved ones. Having seen first-hand the impact that an employer’s negligence can have on individuals and their families has only made me more committed.

Lorna Burns, one of our Nottingham-based solicitors
Lorna Burns, one of our Nottingham-based solicitors


What is your specialism? Why?

I currently specialise in serious injury claims. Thompsons clients have access to the very best lawyers who know how to use the law to fundamentally change the lives of those injured for the better and that is hugely important. Considering the long-term picture for our clients and what home adaptations, medical care, rehabilitation, or therapeutic interventions are necessary to improve their quality of life has a real practical impact and is very rewarding.


Why did you join Thompsons?

I was attracted to Thompsons’ history and ethos. From the outset, it has focused on championing those who have been injured and mistreated, standing out by only representing claimants and never employers or insurers. Thompsons’ ethos of championing social justice echoes my own beliefs, and the firm enables me to use my legal experience and knowledge to fight for those who really need it.


What has been the most challenging case for you at Thompsons and why?

I have dealt with a number of serious road traffic accident claims involving children and teenagers who have suffered orthopaedic and head injuries. As a mother to a young daughter I do find that any claim involving children is even more emotionally challenging, however, they are also amongst the most rewarding cases to deal with as you are truly able to positively impact the client’s life through rehabilitative or therapeutic intervention.


What do you enjoy most about working at Thompsons?


I am fortunate to work alongside people who are incredibly committed to acting in their client’s best interests and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are always willing to share. It’s a supportive and encouraging environment to work in.