Workplace Exposure Limit

Following consultation by HSC a new system was introduced on 6 April, which focuses on good practice and replaced Maximum Exposure Limits (MELs) and Occupational Exposure Standards (OESs) with a single type of limit – the Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL).

The numerical figures for limits of exposure to COSHH substances stay the same but regard is to be had to the introduction of eight principles in a schedule to the COSHH Regulations (Schedule 2A).

New versions of the COSHH Approved Code of Practice; EH40 (the list of exposure limits); and the brief guide to COSHH leaflet are available from HSE Books ( ) or telephone 01787 881 165.

The table listing the exposure limits from EH40, Schedule 2A of the COSHH ACOP and the brief guide leaflet are also available free of charge on the COSHH pages of the HSE website ( ).